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Artist StatementThe Paranoid Poetry Generator was a piece which collected people's paranoid episodes and generated haiku-like poems from them.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementWithin every human there is a singular gene, unique only to that individual. And with that gene comes a singular ability, a rare, mostly never realized capacity for interacting with the world. The Bomar Gene explores this mythical…
Artist Statement A growing area of cultural and technology theory and practice that centres on how technology recreates/reforms our relationship with the land/builtscape. LNM is not depended on any particular tech, not are new tech innovations…
All simple colours and one page poeticals. Built to rearrange, to force the reader/ user to play. Rollover sounds lead to the original order of the poem.Source of Description
Overpowering soundings pull the poetics along to certain conclusions. A simple creation, with the reader/user determining the order of stanzas.Source of Description
The music is the poem, magnifying the words the block's sideways, backways motion. Simple rollovers for simple background accents.Source of Description
Artist StatementCloned sheep with teeth outside their skulls, recreate the cloning gone bad process with a hyperpoetic context. Includes an embarrassingly bad "matrix" interface.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementCombines mysticism science with math poetics caressed into game interface. A modified card game cycles randomly through 52 options.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementSimple interacter, forces the reader/user to play. More abstract painting than strict poem, but glorious fun all the same.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementExploring depth, plays with texts inside texts inside texts. Artwork arrived after watching loose poem pages blow from my car.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementAllegiance between common objects and overblown titles, brand names. Toothbrushes and carpet beg us to find joy in our status as dry and flooring shined buyers.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementFiddle with the intersections between ficto-biography, found text and obscure science. Packaged in the dust bowl landscapes of the Oklahoma panhandle.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementA collection of related digital poems, all attached to objects, exploring our fascination and near religious reliance on household machines.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementInspired by the artic sound experiments of Glen Gould. Isolating small talk at crowded parties, this engine allows the user/reader to create their own vocal mess.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementInspired by lost diaries and those strange diseases that arise in one percent of one percent of the one percent of us.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementRedesigned the interface, playing off 3D feel on version one, placing it within the two dimensions. Added a few extra bits, and readjusted the medical reports.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementAn anthology of interactive poems. Originally was three different works. Fitted together in "selected works" mode.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementWhile net-art becomes increasingly more complex, more database and programming centered, this project shoots for simplicity. Utilizing the basic mouse-follower, Uncontrollable Semantics pulls together over fifty dramatically different…
Artist StatementRecombination, hand correction and the layering of meaning are built into his exploration of design and poetry.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementUsing speech to text software trained to my scratchy and yet (in the afternoon) velvety voice, I process the worlds of media (movies, radio, music, crowds, the ocean). The software, as all technology, is an imperfect and jealous lover…
Artist StatementNet Behaviour is an open email list community for sharing ideas, posting events & opportunities in the area or networked distributed creativity. Also facilitating collaborations.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementAlgorithmic driven mascots. Hypnotizing stuffed and evil creatures. Both humorous threat, and creepy absurdity.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementOne possible reading is as 3-dimensional concrete poetry sculpture generator. The cube interface allows the reader to move the interface in 3-dimesional space, with the all elements placed on the cube transforming in proportion to the…
Artist StatementA slot machine for predicting death. Stripped down code of a slot game inserted with 15 five-line death fictions, poeticals.Source of Artist Statement
Artist StatementThis work uses interactive spaces to explore our obsessions with microscopic species killers.Source of Artist Statement