Long Time No See



Artist Statement
Long Time, No See? is a collaborative, online artwork that focuses Australian and global audiences upon our long-term futures. The project seeks to link the local and the everyday with the global and the distant future, generatively mapping the ever-changing relationships between each project participants' ideas and visions. The raw content for the artwork is created by members of the general public undertaking walks in their local communities, assisted by a custom Smartphone App that choreographs and records their creative processes and physical journeys. The online artwork then presents this content relationally along with other generative media and sound. In all of these ways the project engages new audiences and participants to collaboratively 'design' pathways towards feasible and 'sustain-able' long term futures. Participants in locations across Australia and the world will each get the chance to share their visions of long futures and be enabled to collaborate, imagine, reflect, learn and act for change through optional local workshop processes.
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Armstrong, Keith
Carroli, Linda
Sade, Gavin
Dean, Roger




Henderson, Robert
Nyfantis, Petro


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Collaborative digital artwork


iPhone/iPad App / Web-base Walk App / Field book


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