Childhood in Richmond


In Childhood in Richmond, Komninos Zervos uses a collage of photos to tell a story about his life in 1950s Richmond, Victoria. The piece begins, 'I remember my childhood in the backstreets of Richmond/And the visions that leave a lasting impression/ Where I lived in a fish shop with my mother and father.' Black and white photographs appear on the screen as negatives. The opening page contains rollovers that trigger visual changes and audio clips. As the reader advances through the poem, the photos change colours and are more distinct. Black flies and fish float over the collage of photos. By clicking on a specific black fish or black fly, the poem will advance to another collage of photos. The names of fish appear superimposed over the photos, referencing a segment of the poem, 'And flake and couta and bream and schnapper/ To the window, to attract the eyes of the buyers.' These function as links to a line of the poem, which may link back to the same page. This interactive Flash piece provides a poetic experience, as Zervos narrates his poem with spoken words. The dynamic presentation is supported by instrumental drums and cymbals, accentuating the narrative. The poem ends with Komninos remembering his mother, 'And her legs would swell up from all of that walking/ And I often saw her in some corner crying/ In a fish shop, in Richmond, from where I came".
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Zervos, Komninos


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