Cyberpoetry Underground


A perceptual joy-ride, full of visual attractions and sonic energies, cyberpoetry underground is notable for its sheer momentum and solid graphic punsmanship. Animated text, three-dimensional letter-forms and 360-degree views turn electronic space into an extra-literary passage, certain areas of which the viewer can negotiate. At the end of some tunnels are the objects of cybertext poems, graffitissimi ultimately serving to remind us that getting there can be more than half the fun. For romping humor, cinematic verve and swerve, cyberpoetry underground earned its place among the top three.
Heather McHugh's description from I love E-Poetry


Zervos, Komninos


State of the Arts anthology CD Electronic Literature Organisation/The Other Voices Poetry Project




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Web based digital poetry



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Zervos, Komninos, “Cyberpoetry Underground,” ADELTA, accessed December 1, 2023,